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my best friend is an atheist, but whenever she is comforting me with something in my life she uses examples of God to help me because she knows it makes me feel better, and vice versa, when i comfort her i never bring up God because i respect that it’s not something that helps or works for her

i feel like this is a model of how the world should work

that is perfect

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PACIFIC RIM’s Onibaba, Knifehead, and Gypsy Danger rendered in classic tokusatsu style. This just feels right.

i want to cry this is perfect

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See this statue? It’s located at the Glendale Central Library. 
Big deal right? Yes. Yes it is. 

She stands here today as a memorial for the victims of the sexual slavery and abuse committed by the Japanese imperial military during WWII. Right now, Japan is running a petition to take her down.

We cannot let this happen.

Every Wednesday, the woman of Korea that were used as sexual slaves protest and cry out. However, Japan refuses to acknowledge their suffering. There have been no apologies and no recognition.

Please, please don’t let them get rid of her. Their pain deserves to be recognized and sympathized.

Luckily, There is a petition going on to save the girl and allow her to continue standing in Glendale CL. The link can be found here and you can read more about everything that she stands for here.  

Thank you so much for reading this. Even if you can’t sign this, please signal boost so other people will. 

[[A big thank you to tumblr user did-we-just-marry-thedevil for bringing this to my attention]]

If this statue is taken down, we are erasing the memories and pain of the thousands of Korean (and Chinese) sex slaves during WWII. As a Korean female myself, this is even more disheartening.

Please signal boost.


While we’re on the subject, please be aware that there are sex slaves in other countries invaded by Japanese military forces during the WWII other than China and South Korea. Please also extend your thoughts to the sex slaves in the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and other countries not listed here.

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